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New 9th Edition Guidebook Is Here!!
News - Colorado
Introducing our Newest, Latest, Most Complete Guidebook to Colorado Craft Ever: the New 9th Edition Beer, Wine, & Spirit Drinkerís Guide to Colorado.
Grocery Stores Quest for $$$$ Will Kill Colorado Craft
News - Politics
It appears that Spaceway, King Stupors and WallyWorld are ganging up again, ready to pour millions into their one-sided campaign to make more money at the expense of Colorado local business. Here's why selling full-strength beer, wine and spirits in grocery stores is a bad idea...
GABF 2015 Awards
News - Festival
For most of the 60,000 or so folks who attend the Great American Beer Festival, it represents one great big series of beer taps, cans and bottles, with more beers to taste in four hours than is physically possible in our normal time-space continuum. For brewers, GABF is something entirely different. Itís the Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, Olympics and Grand Slam for Beer - all rolled into one gigantic, mondo-blunt-sized, must-attend event.
Get Ready to Festivate!
News - Festival
Festivals abound in the fall, and there's usually one nearby. From the intimate to the insane, check out one near you.
Breckenridge Opens New Brewery
News - Brewery
Breckenridge Brewery's newest facility in Littleton includes the Farm House restaurant, a 2 acre hop farm, and more brewing capacity than ever.
Space Technology Makes Beer and Map Better
News - Colorado
Space Technology is all around us. Its' in our cellphones, cars, homes, and inside your glass of beer. It's also inside our latest Drinker's Guide to Colorado.
Craft Beer Earns 11% Share of US Beer Market
News - Beer
Craft Brewers earned a double-digit share of the US Beer Market for the first time in 2014. Pumpkin Peach, anyone?
A Short History of Drinking in Colorado
News - Colorado
Colorado is a world-leading producer of beer, and the state is becoming better known for its wine and spirits, but that hasnít always been the case. We look back on Colorado's history in this excerpt from our DG2C Guidebook.
Trinity Tweet Tweaks Town, Though True Tale Takes Time To Tell
News - Colorado
March, 2008. Jason Yesterís vision of Trinity Brewing Company is still a dirt floor in an empty strip mall. Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Dave Philipps chases local cops, six years away from winning his Pulitzer. Itís basketball season. Craft beers are gaining a BIG following. We still canít sell our first edition of The Beer Drinkerís Guide to Colorado in liquor stores.
GABF 2014 Guide Book Debut
News - Festival
GABF 2014 is upon us, and we're ready. We're rolling out a brand new product - The Beer, Wine and Spirit Drinker's Guide to Colorado - and hope you can stop by our booth and check it out.
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